Maltodextrin Packing Machine

AUE Building Bagging machines, Packaging machines, Weighing machines, Palletisers and Wrappers for Maltodextrin

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Maltodextrin Packing

AUE proposes weighing machines, bagging machines, packaging machines, palletisers and wrappers for Maltodextrin. Thanks to net weight or gross weight weighing systems, any dosing and production level can be managed. The product can be packaged using: vertical packaging machines, for 50 g to 25 Kg packages big-bag machines for packaging large quantities For Maltodextrin, which are in powdered form, AUE guarantees maximum attention to the tightness of closure, hygiene and containment of the dispersion of the dust during the bagging phase. Using the shrink wrappers and case packers, the packaged product can be organised in bundles and introduced into boxes. Finally, thanks to a wide range of palletisers, the packages can be placed on pallets and wrapped by automatic and semi-automatic wrappers.